Using the API Explorer

Are you still having trouble using the API Explorer? If so we’ve put together a quick video on how to access and use the API Explorer. It starts from creating an app and applying APIs to them and then using the API Explorer.

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Hi @yvonne.lee
I just register and then login to the Open Data hub but it looks very much different from what you have in this video. I have attached a screen shot from my API Explorer page. I couldn’t find anywhere to add Callback/Redirect URL in my account. Please help if you have any information about it .

Hi @emad – sorry we updated the platform over the last few months so the API Explorer is very different.

Please follow the user guide found here (and ignore the video)

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@yvonne.lee, Thanks for your reply. Please,could you tell me why my Create Application page is different from the user guide? There is no shared secret or call back url in my side.
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Hi @emad, apologies about that, the screenshot in the user guide needs to be updated. You will only get an API key when you create a new application. The API key is all you need to interact with our APIs.


We have an updated video if you are still stuck on how to organise an API Key and use the API Explorer

Details (screenshots) can also be found in our User Guide User Guide | TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal