Trip Planner API - TfNSWTR parameter - what does it do?


What actually occurs within the trip planning processing when the TfNSWTR parameter is set to true or not included (ie: turned on or off)? There is no real information on the website or in the technical doc about this - the only things stated seem to be:
TfNSWTR: Including parameter enables a number of options that result in the stop finder operating in the same way as the Transport for NSW Trip Planner web site, including enabling real-time data.
By including the TfNSWTR parameter with a value of true, you enable the ability for real-time data to be returned.

Is that all it does?


Hi Tim,
This parameter is essentially a wrapper which includes a long list of configuration settings. Enabling real-time is wrapped up in this, but it also includes a bunch of server-level settings which developers should not need to worry about. If you do not set this parameter to true, then you may experience unexpected behaviour with trip planning requests and your results may not be in line with the trip planner.