The Personal Trip Plan API Challenge is now open!


TfNSW is excited to be releasing the Trip Plan APIs so you can spend less time analysing data and more time creating innovative products.

Five APIs will be released:

1. Stop Finder API – Allows customers to search for stops, stations, wharves, points of interest and known addresses based on search criteria. Use with: Trip Planner and Departure API.
2. Trip Planner API – Allows customers to plan a trip between two locations and includes walking, driving, real-time service and Opal fare information.
3. Departure API – Provides customers with departure information from a stop, station or wharf in real-time.
4. Service Alert API – Provides customers with service status and incident information across the Transport network.
5. Coordinate Request API – Allows customers to search for nearby stops, stations, wharves and points of interest based on their geographical location.

Future Transport are calling for ideas and products that use the Trip Plan APIs to help our customers plan their trips.

Enter the challenge and tell us how you would use the Trip Plan APIs to receive early access to the beta Trip Plan APIs and for the opportunity to have your product officially endorsed by TfNSW.

You can find out more information about the challenge or submit an application at


Less than a week to go guys! We’d love to see some of your ideas and submissions on how you would use these APIs! Submissions close next Wednesday.

Let us know if you have any questions.