Trip Planner Api Departure_mon giving 401 Error althogh correct informatio is inputted


Every time i try the Departure_mon the api explorer always returns the error 401 even though i have put in the correct data. Any help is appreciated.


Hi @Bobby_Dazzler, doesn’t look like anything is wrong with the Trip Planner API. Please make sure that you read the documentation, that’s the pdf in the dataset, which you can find here Trip Planner APIs | TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal

If you’re still getting an error please provide an example so we can investigate further.


A HTTP 401 error, Unauthorized, is indicative of authentication issues so make sure you’re sending through the correct headers.

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Thanks for your help guys, however I’am only using the API explorer to do this and it is giving the 401 error.

Hi @Bobby_Dazzler, if it’s an issue with the API explorer then make sure that you’ve set up your application correctly by following our user guide and that you’re using the API parameters correctly by following the Trip Planner API documentation.

I just tried it myself and didn’t encounter any errors, see below.

If you encounter further issues please let me know and I’ll investigate further.