Getting trip stops from departures API

Hey team,

I’m using the /departure_mon API from Trip Planner APIs - Dataset - TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal to try to build a website with a departures board/PID display similar to what’s shown at Sydney Trains stations.

This particular API endpoint has almost all the detail I need minus the stops for the particular trip instance. Looking at the customer facing trip planner, there is a separate trip-detail endpoint used to get this information and I’m aware of the realtime trip ID present in the departure_mon response that would allow me to link the results with GTFS and GTFS-RT data.

I’m currently ingesting the GTFS and GTFS-RT data separately for a different project, so could reconstruct the trip-detail-style endpoint myself using that data or use something like OpenTripPlanner to shorten the programming effort required, but am curious if there are any alternative suggestions