Not able to authenticate appication with bearer token in trip planner API

hello eveyone,
i have client secrete and secrete key and i am also able to access all api but if try to access Trip Planning API it gives me error of authentication with 401 response code. I am accessing all api with bearer token.

So can anyone of you please guide to authenticate with bearer token or some other ways.


Can you just use an API Key for the Trip Planner APIs? We are only supporting legacy apps with oauth.


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yes its working thaks.

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now i am getting this error (Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing).

i am calling trip planner api with api key authentication.

what should another think that i need to pass?

The Trip Planner API isn’t designed to be called directly by a web client. The CORS error exists because modern browsers prevent web pages from making “cross-origin” requests for security reasons (i.e. requests between sites of different domains).

You’ll need to write a backend to handle the requests.

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working good now…thanks