Train Real-time capacity information for each carriage

Could someone please let me know how to get Real-time capacity information for each carriage for Waratah train set? It’s a new feature and I can’t figure it out where the data is located? There is not any documentation about it or may be I can not find the proper one.

The Waratah occupancy data is currently only available via the Trip Planner API, at the whole vehicle level and not per carriage. We are working on getting the carriage specific data into the Sydney Trains GTFS-R vehpos feed at the moment but there is still a bit of work to do, so stay tuned…


Thanks for your reply but why they have announced it here :
"You can now see how full your train, and each carriage, is before you board by using transport real-time apps. "

It’s absolutely hopeless when they announced something and there is nothing about it in their web site and no one is interested to answer or may be no one knows nothing about it.

Hi @jim50, that was an article announcing the release of train occupancy data in our Trip Planner and Opal Travel app as well as other endorsed apps such as TripView, NextThere, TripGo and AnyTrip. Simple as that, an announcement that the feature is now available in those, which is the truth.

Furthermore, @david.phillips has already stated that the occupancy data is already available in our Trip Planner API at a whole vehicle level, i.e. the three little person indicator, same as buses. He also let you know that carriage specific occupancy will be released to open data soon for anyone to use.

Can you please clarify how we are hopeless and how we know nothing about what we’re talking about and I’ll investigate further.