Sydney trains, individual carriage occupancy?


I’m the developer of a Mac Sydney Trains planner

Where can I find the data congestion level for individual carriages on Sydney Trains ? I thought it was in the veichle position feed but it only seems to show the total for each train - (few seats available/ many seats available) etc…

Hi @kob2040, unfortunately we’re unable to provide you with this data at the moment. We’re working on it and hope to make individual carriage occupancy available soon.

As you said, you can find vehicle occupancy levels in the Vehicle Positions API or Trip Planner API.


All the Sydney Trains in the Veichle Positions API show up as ‘UNKNOWN_CONGESTION_LEVEL’, and can’t see any mention looking at the departure monitor in the Trip Planner API, even when Tripview is showing different levels ?


Hi @kob2040. We are still working on providing individual carriage occupancy and hope to make this available in the near future.

UNKNOWN_CONGESTION_LEVEL in the Vehicle Position API specifies the congestion level that the vehicle is currently experiencing. You can read more about it here: Position du véhicule  |  Transports en commun en temps réel  |  Google Developers
Currently this is not being populated for Sydney Trains.

Any update on this?

Sorry - no update yet.

TripView appears to be able to show this data. Does anybody know how they do it?

Edit: Never mind, I answered my own question. It’s available to some of the endorsed apps, but the dataset hasn’t been released yet.

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