Server error (500) when downloading static GTFS


Hi there,

We are currently experiencing server errors (HTTP status code 500) when attempting to download the static GTFS bundle. Attempting to access the bundle at, using the correct authentication header (the has been working fine for months), we are now receiving the following error message:

{ "ErrorDetails":{ "TransactionId":"00000159cd8d10cf-8588e", "ErrorDateTime":"2017-01-24T08:47:00.218-08:00", "Message":"An unexpected error has occured.", "RequestedUrl":"/v1/publictransport/timetables/complete/gtfs", "RequestMethod":"GET", } }

Could you please take a look and let us know when this is fixed, since it is causing issues with updating our static data set!




Hi @david.else, we’re currently investigating this and looking to resolve as soon as possible. I’ll keep you up to date.



Hi @david.else, this should now be fixed. Can you please try again and let us know if it’s fine.



I can confirm that is working again now, thanks @alejandro.felman!