GTFS for Real-Time Not Downloadable


I followed instructions in the Getting Started User Guide and was unable to download any of the GTFS for Real-Time files from the API Explorer.

The results I received are:

buses - 401 Unauthorized
ferries - redirect to dashboard w/o a download
lightrail - 401 Unauthorized
nswtrains - redirect to dashboard w/o a download
sydneytrains - redirect to dashboard w/o a download

The Application selected GTFS For Real-Time with the appropriate API Key and parameter (with apikey prepended and ‘authorization’ used as parameter name) but the result is failure.

Is there any way at all to download these files from your Site?


Scripted requests return the same result.

For example, GET request to:

With a header:


Responds 401 Unauthorized for all the endpoints (buses, ferries, etc.)


Hi @Webmaster, I’ve just sent you a private message about this, please reply so we can investigate further.



Just confirming that this has been resolved. Need to make sure of the following:

  • there’s a space in the command between “apikey” and “XXXXXXXXX”, eg. apikey 1234567890
  • timeout limit is set to more than 60 seconds