Route 170 bus

There is now a regular 170 Manly-City bus at weekends. Good service, on the GTFS and GTFS and all that … but …

It doesb’t appear on the Hastus Bus Stop timetables.

Why is that - is that a Sydney Buses thing?

Geoff Lambert

Hi @austta, I’m not too sure what the Hastus timetables are but bus 170 is definitely in our feeds. Be aware that the 170 only runs on weekends so that’s maybe why you can’t find it.

If this is incorrect please let me know with some examples to help us investigate.


Hello alex

This is a typical example

I found it via this Google Image Search : hastus timetables sydney buses


All but the smallest bus-stops on the Sydney Buses network have these in either the above form, or a more professional-looking form

They are what is known as “Departure Sequence” boards and are produced by Sydney Buses, who use the Hastus Timetable Software

I believe they use TransXchange as the driving engine

The 170 does not appear on any of the Hastus timetables along its route. I do not know why. People use it, but they must be getting their information out of the apps or the TfNSW site


Geoff Lambert

Hi @austta, we’re not really across how Giro and the HASTUS software uses our data or what they do. If you are using the software then you might have to contact them directly for support. Anyone that uses our data should be following our guides and documentation to provide accurate and up to date information.

Also, the image you posted of the timetable doesn’t only look old but it’s also for a stop not serviced by bus 170. The 170 route goes from Manly to the City (Wynyard) and the stop shown in the image is in Surry Hills.

Let me know if you have any further questions or if we can assist you with anything else.


Hello Alex

I am sorry to have to tell you that some of your transport operators keep secrets from you. They have black timetable sites that search engines cannot find, and which they keep secret from you. This is a political thing stemming from the O’Farrell/Berejiklian war of a few years ago.

  •     I am not completely sure where Sydney Buses gets the feed for its data
  •     OF COURSE the image of the TT was not one from the route of the 170. This was a photo from the Web. 

Photos and derived images taken a few minutes ago at The Sydney Rd near Cohen St stop are attached

The Sun/Hol and Sat TTs should contain two entries for 170 buses per hour – but they do not.

The filename of the timetable sheet appears in the 3rd image.


Geoff Lambert


Australian Timetable Association

Hi @austta, I don’t think anyone is keeping secrets from others. Our feeds and apps that use our data contain route 170 with the correct days and times. The Transport for NSW website and trip planner also shows the correct information for bus route 170. All this is open and free for anyone to see.

Our role within Transport for NSW is to manage the open data used in digital products and third-party transport apps. We are not responsible for printed timetables at bus stops. If I understand the issue correctly, you’re saying that the printed timetable at stop 209440 is missing information for bus route 170. If that’s the case then you will either have to contact the bus agency for route 170 directly (State Transit Authority) or submit a complaint/enquiry through the TfNSW bus feedback form and select “Printed timetable” in the ‘about’ field. It could be that a simple printing error or human error occurred when posting the timetable.

For anything to do with open data we are more than happy to help. As for political discussions, this isn’t the right forum to talk about that.