Bus sceduled timetable request -- March and July

Is it possible for anyone to get the historically designed timetable of Sydney bus for an earlier period of time that can cover March and July of 2017?

Particularly need the timetables for route number 373, 392, 394, 396, 397, 399, 412, 422, 438 and 461 (there are ten different route numbers).

The time period needed should be March and July. It might be two separated timetable, so if it possible, could anyone please help me find totally 20 timetables for those two months.

the scheduled timetable like this would be fine:

Many many thanks in advance:slight_smile:

The Wayback Machine should have these
These would probably be PDFs, but might be HTML. There seems to be about 100,000 captures from the 1990s to 2018. Bus Australia
provides an Excel-based search tool into the Wayback machine for Sydney buses

They will also be present at the Transit Feeds site for TfNSW - at least up to mid-2017.
They have 310 feeds from 2013-2017. These will be GTFS



Hi austta,
Thank you very much for those websites :slight_smile: very useful for me, especially the one called Wayback Machine, though I cannot get the timetable due to the crawl time, I will try at off-peak time

Many many thanks