Historical GTFS Bundles and Timetables

This dataset contains historical GTFS bundles and other older data.

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Hi there,
May I please ask that could I get the same kind of historical timetable but for an even earlier period of time that can cover March and July of 2017?

The timetables for route number I need is 373, 392, 394, 396, 397, 399, 412, 422, 438 and 461 (there are ten different route numbers).

The time period I need should be March and July. It might be two separated timetable, so if it possible, could you please help me find totally 20 timetables for those two months.

Many many thanks in advance

Hi all,

Is it possible to get the whole GTFS dataset for Greater Sydney area for August 2016?


Hi @nora, we don’t have anything from August 2016 but we were able to find some data for June and November 2016. Would they be suitable for what you’re working on? or is there something specific you were after from August?


@nora actually disregard that, we found the data you were after! I’ve uploaded it to the Historical GTFS Bundles and Timetables dataset.

Thanks Alex!
Just in case you can find data for the 09/08/2016, which was the Census
day, that would be great,


I was wondering if it would be possible to access previous releases of the GTFS specification?

Current and official specification releases cover periods around 05.06.2017, 20.03.2018 and 29.08.2016, whilst older specifications from 03.11.13 - 13.06.2017 have been warehoused by transitfeeds.com.

This still leaves a large gap between specifications contained within the period 13.06.17 - 16.08.18. Would you be able to provide these historical specifications at all? Or are you aware of some other warehouser like transitfeeds.com?

Hi @veitchlister, we’re actually working on releasing a lot of historical data very soon. This will cover GTFS since 2016 until now. Stay tuned!