Two Sydney community bus services - GTFS data

The Mosman Rider and Manly Hop Skip Jump buses are two free Sydney community bus services run by their local councils.

It would be very useful if the timetable & route data for these two Sydney community bus services was included in your “Timetables Complete GTFS (static)” and/or “GTFS (real-time)” datasets.

The Mosman Rider GTFS has published it’s own GTFS dataset (see link below). However I don’t believe this data is included in your “Timtables Complete GTFS (static)” nor your “GTFS (real-time)” datasets. It would clearly be beneficial if the Mosman data was included in your datasets.

The Manly Hop Skip and Jump has a PDF based timetable and route map (see link below). This community bus service does not appear to have any published GTFS datasets nor data.


Hi @trmcgregor, we currently only include services from contracted agencies with Transport for NSW. This does not include the two services you have mentioned unfortunately.

We’ll look into it anyway and let you know if it’s possible.