Road network geospatial dataset


I’m looking for a geospatial dataset for NSW roads that has information such as:
• who the responsible authority is (ie whose asset is it?)
• the number of lanes on the road
• road surface type (sealed/unsealed)
• the functional classification of the road (eg access road, arterial, highway etc)
• data that would allow us to calculate the length of roads to derive a total road length for each responsible authority.

I’m also interested in the data items in the State’s road asset inventory dataset and whether inventory data can be matched to the data in the geospatial dataset.

Please advise



Hi Christine

Thanks. We’ll see what we can do.

FYI @stephanie.manning



It’s not exactly a free dataset, but the Public Sector Mapping Agency (PSMA)'s transport and topography dataset should contain that information


LPI has some of what you’re after as well. Their Clip & Ship tool provides road segments as part of the topographic dataset on an LGA-by-LGA basis. It doesn’t appear to have data on responsibility, but covers most of the attributes you’re after.