Real Time Encoding



Ran into a bit of an issue with the encoding of the real time data. No issues with requesting the data with GET, but the data comes back all funny. I believe some other people have asked about this before, but I can’t seem to find any solution…

I’ve tried using “Advanced REST Client” in Chrome and the response looks like this: (same data looks funny in Notepad++ too, with all different encoding settings)

106N.1419.111.124.T.8.43460953 *NL_2a

C]a�5C(����0:NorthSydney.North Sydney 2 LocBY
’2843.2844.2845.2846.2847.2848.2849.2850.20:59 North Sydney Station to Central Station �
11-S.1419.111.56.M.8.43460077 *BL_1b

When trying with HTTPWebRequest in VB.NET, I receive no errors, but it just cuts off at:


I’ve tried using some website that does decoding, but had no luck with it as it doesn’t decode to JSON…
Also tried using encoding: null in the request as a header, but that has no difference at all. So all I have in the header is the bearer.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


The GTFS Realtime data is in Protocol Buffer format, see for more info.


Any reason you were expecting JSON?