Peak Adult Opal fare from Domestic Airport to Marrickville


The trip planner fare for Domestic Airport to Marrickville is $18.48.
The total distance is 13.5km, which puts this in the $4.48 fare band + airport access fee $14.87, would make the journey $19.35.

Why is this journey $18.48?

Thank you!!

I’m only taking guesses here.

  1. Are you aware of the off-peak discount?
  2. Are you using the latest fares as they changed recently?

These are the latest fares ?

There’s a bunch of rules that dictate which distance is used to calculate the fare. As a rule of thumb, it’s usually the shortest route between two stations (but it’s not always the case).

In this case, you’re going from Domestic Airport to Marrickville:

  • Marrickville -> Central -> Domestic Airport is around <14km, fare band 2.
  • Marrickville -> Sydenham -> Wolli Creek -> Domestic Airport is <7 km, fare band 1.

That would make the $18.48 the correct fare:

  • $3.61 for a 0-10km rail fare
  • $14.87 airport access fee
  • Total = $18.48
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