Toll Calculator API


Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has developed the Toll Calculator API to provide developers a means of accessing the most up-to-date toll pricing for journeys undertaken across NSW roads.

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Quarterly toll price update will occur on 1 October 2018. However, the Toll Calculator API will not update until a few days later.


confirming that the Toll Calculator was updated this morning and now reflects the current toll pricing.


This seems to be inaccurate? I generated a polyline using the Google Maps Directions API along the M7 from the M5 (-33.9642466,150.875037) to the M4 (-33.7930349,150.8363779) and it comes up with a toll of $7.92 when it should be $8.03 according to the RMS toll calculator.
Also, when I put in a polyline generated from a route between Kiama and Glenbrook, which uses the exact same section of the M7, it came up as $3.98.
I verified my polylines here to make sure they were accurate.
Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue with the API? Nothing like this is mentioned in the Known Issues section of the docs.


Hi @jamsandwich we’re still looking into this and it’s with a tech team.