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I want to integrate the [Toll Upgrade v2] API in my website for getting toll charge. As I read doc of this API, I also need Polyline of pickup and drop locations. How I can get this polyline ? And please also let me know this Toll V2 will work with website?



Any one can reply on my query?


I believe the /route endpoint will give you the polyline:!/pricing/getRoutes

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Hello Jayen,

Thanks for reply. I have checked route endpoint api but not getting any Poly line. I am getting below response and there is no polyline in this response

“routes”: [
“geometry”: “jrxmEsidz[??”,
“distance”: 0,
“duration”: 0,
“minChargeInCents”: 0,
“maxChargeInCents”: 0,
“summary”: “Bellevue Road”,
“tollsCharged”: ,
“isCheapest”: true,
“isShortest”: true,
“isQuickest”: true

Any other way for getting Polyline?


routes[0].geometry is a polyline: jrxmEsidz[??

albeit, the line has two points which are the same.

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