Opal data for trips associated with a profile

The Department of Education is trying to obtain data feeds for Opal trips associated with a single profile. PDF statements are not adequate for an automated into travel management systems used for reconciliation and audit.

@graemenorthcote we don’t release or have access to individual Opal records.

Access to your personal account can be done online or via Opal Travel (app).

For the Department of Education official request, we will find out who to ask for access to.


Opal doesn’t appear to have any enterprise business strategy to assist large organisations to manage Opal cards efficiently. As stated PDF files are not adequate for automated data feeds into reconciliation systems. Managing 1000+ Opal cards on the existing customer portal is not feasible. There also doesn’t appear to be any way to engage with Opal to discuss these issues.



Hi Graeme

I’m giving the Opal team another nudge around this. We have your email and contact details from your signature so I will ask the team again to get in touch.