Nswtrains booking API


I assume requests for APIs is appropriate for this forum despite most things referring to “data”.

Can we get an API for booking nsw trainlink services (trains and coaches)? We have the passengers’ accounts in our app, and users can search and book through our app like how expedia works for flights and hotels.


oh dear, I think we’re working on the same thing! :joy:

Definitely seconding this request.


Hi @jayen, @jxeeno, we’re not sure if NSW Trains would be happy to do this but we can definitely make the request and see. We’ll let you know what happens.



Hi @jayen, @jxeeno, unfortunately we’re unable to provide an API for bookings. NSW Trains are looking at possibly developing this in the future but no ETA at this stage, sorry :disappointed:



How about getting the availability and fares? Any way we could get that data?