Public Transport - Real Time Alerts API

Struggling to get this to work for Sydney trains. Not very technical

I want the real time data (arrival & departure delays) for Trains on T1 for 4-10 Dec

Fist time I got this:

Created an application and then… "Try IT OUT’ - Am I doing something wrong?


curl -X GET --header ‘Authorization: apikey v3SrqUaPIxGlxyPywt6krztXGR72ymIiOS5m’ ‘
Request URL
Response Body
no content
Response Code
Response Headers
{ “error”: “no response from server”}

Now I get authorisation errors.
Any Suggestions?

Hi @GDVarv, as we discussed previously please have a look at our user guide and documentation to set up your application correctly and get it working on our portal. Once you have it working and get to know how our API explorer works I’m sure there are other developers here that can help you out with the coding side of things. Curl would be the easiest to try given that the API explorer gives you sample code.


Hi Alex,

still no luck.

I noticed the state box does not have a 'tick' in the box. Is this an


In one of the forums I noticed I have the same problem as someone


ie ....“error”: “no response from server

You said to add the data set to the app after creating the

application - can you point to this in the manual?



Hi @GDVarv, I’m referring to the “Managing your application” section. Basically you click on edit, , click on ‘ADD ITEMS’ in the API management section, select the necessary datasets and save.

If you keep getting the same error you might want to try using a different browser and see if that works.

Let me know how you go.


Hi Alex,

excuse my language but it was 'bloody Internet Explorer'!

It works using Goggle Chrome!

I knew it would work because the status button is now "ticked"!!!

My next challenge is to get some help to turn this into usable data

(ie excel.)

As I said I am after T1 delay information from 4-10 Dec for Sydney


Is the forum the best place to start?

Regards & thanks for your help,




Just found out how to turn into txt!!!

That’s great that you got it working!

The GTFS-R trip updates feed will give you delay data for current services since it’s real-time data. We don’t have historical delay information available but others might. Hopefully another developer can help you out or have a look at websites like Transit Feeds.