Coach data


Is there any coach data for non-NSWTL services? Like greyhound? I did a regional trip and didn’t know I needed to check other websites to get all options.

Timetables Complete GTFS

Hi @jayen, short answer is that the services we have in the feeds and trip planner are TfNSW contracted routes. Longer answer is that we do everything we can to include non-contracted operator routes but that depends on resources, man-power, funding, data availability, access and other factors.

We hope that our future work with MaaS will facilitate these kind of things.



@chinhho, answering your question from Timetables Complete GTFS here since it’s more relevant.

It seems like the Canberra - Sydney route is not contracted by TfNSW therefore not in the data feeds.



Thanks @alejandro.felman. All clear.