NSW GTFS available for querying and visualization on Transitland

Transport for NSW GTFS data is now being aggregating and made available through the Transitland open transit data platform.

NSW operators are now listed in the Transitland Feed Registry: Browse all Operators • Transitland

If you select one of the operators in that list, you can view sample API requests to the Transitland Datastore. For example, here is GeoJSON for the Manly Fast Ferry:

Large-scale users of GTFS can already parse out information like this directly from GTFS files – but it may be of use to creators of smaller apps, visualizations, and analyses. Transitland also aggregates data for 2,100+ other transit operators around the world.

All NSW data aggregated in Transitland is also available for routing using the Mapzen Turn-by-Turn API. For example: Leaflet Routing Machine - Vahalla

Note that all Transitland API are free (and will be indefinitely), while the Mapzen Turn-by-Turn routing engine is available through a free tier and metered billing for higher volume users.

We welcome your questions and feedback here or at hello@mapzen.com.

Finally, thank you to Transport for NSW for providing open GTFS data.