On-Demand Timetables - GTFS

The purpose of the On-Demand Timetables GTFS feed is to publish in advance the schedules and route information of On-Demand Bus services operated under the Sydney Metropolitan and Outer Sydney Metropolitan Bus Services Contracts (‘O/SMBSC’). The on-demand GTFS feed now also includes on-demand ferry services.

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This dataset now contains on-demand ferry services. Name and description has been updated to reflect this. The file/resource name has also been updated while the URL remains the same for app development reasons. On-demand ferry services are commencing Monday October 14.

Good day, please update area for the Sutherland Shire On Demand Services https://transportnsw.info/travel-info/ways-to-get-around/on-demand/sutherland-shire

Thank you

Good Afternoon,

I’d like to know when the schedules for 2020 will be published


Hi @Maria. We are upgrading the way we model on-demand in the trip planner, so there are no more on-demand GTFS updates for the moment. In the interim, the trip planner API does display on-demand services if it’s relevant to the trip that you’re planning.

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