Static GTFS containing all School Routes

I am requiring a static GTFS feed that includes all of the standard bus routes and school bus routes in the greater Sydney area. I have downloaded the latest static GTFS from the open data dashboard ( → filename: and although this data set may contain some school routes, it does not contain them all.

I did a single spot check from the static GTFS data for the ‘Chifley Public School’ bus (route 685) but it is not in the above mentioned GTFS data set. On looking through the net, this route 685 for the ‘Chifley Public School’ does exist as seen here:

Is this GTFS data available for NSW or the greater Sydney area for all of the standard bus and school bus routes?

As a side note, I have asked for exactly this same type of data from TransInfo (Brisbane), PTV (Melbourne) and TransPerth (Perth) and they have supplied this data upon request.

Hi @mickandchick, you won’t find school data in the static files. You need to look for the realtime bundles in this post Gtfs bundle for type schedule is not available for agency buses - #19 by sunnyy02 - Real-time Public Transport - Open Data - Transport for NSW forum

Let me know how you go and whether you need further assistance.


Hi Alex, the realtime GTFS only gives me the current status of the school bus route. I am after the future timetable for each and every route, like for tomorrow, or next week, or how many times it runs in the week, etc.

When I go to the Sydney buses website like
this is surely querying some sort of underlying static GTFS. This is the kind of data I am after. Not an adhoc data extraction, but something that has already been extracted and is being used.

How do I get hold of that data set?


@alejandro.felman Sorry, I did not mention your @ user name in my response to your post. When you get a chance, can you have a look at my response to your post. It was posted 2 days after your post.

Hi @mickandchick, if what you need is not already available in the bundles/datasets then it might not be publicly available. I’ll look into it and get back to you.

Hi @mickandchick make sure you look at the “for realtime” timetables

@alejandro.felman & @yvonne.lee - thanks so much for your combined reply and for your patience at explaining where to find this data. I now have the school bus routes.
Case closed

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