Gtfs bundle for type schedule is not available for agency buses


Hey all - we have been getting a few of these issues pop up on the forum so I thought I’d pin this post for now.

We are currently working on fixing the data available through the API Gateway.

This is what should be happening:

The bus schedule data is available as separate bundles based on contract regions as per the documentation (Buses technical documentation)
The bus realtime data is available as a single bundle using the Agency ID “buses”.

But we found that we need to do a bit more work to expose the separate scheduled data…
We will be able to update everyone in the next few days.

In a slightly longer timeframe our Data team and PTIPS teams are are working on creating a consolidated ‘buses’ bundle for the schedule information. This will make things a bit easier to match up.

Oh and although there is the GTFS bundle that has the timetable information that data is not easy to match to the schedule data we reference above (just in case you were wondering).

Apologies to all you keen developers out there itching to get the data! We’re working on it.


We sure are itchy :slight_smile:

Does this data change with high frequency? If it’s not that frequent, is there any chance we could get a snapshot for development purposes? A simple ZIP posted somewhere would be great, just to get un-blocked.


Let me see what we can do… good idea although I think our security guys may tell me otherwise!


Thank you for the info.

This is all I was expecting (and what works best):

GTFS-R tripupdates.pb URL
GTFS-R vehicles.pb URL
GTFS-R alerts.pb URL

And maybe some notes about which agencies and routes support real-time.

Plus, for the finicky, Basic Authentication user name and password.

This is the universal pattern (minus Basic Authentication). Everything needed is exposed for all GTFS and GTFS-R consumers.

(Recall, user names and passwords are not exposed in SSL requests so a greater level of security is not required.)

If you follow this pattern, I could have your service open to the public in a few minutes.

Once again, thank’s for the status info.


OK - for those keen to see what the format is like we have grabbed a snapshot of the scheduled data and zipped it up. They will normally come through as individual zip files.

Right click and do a “save link as” to grab the sample file:


The link doesn’t work :frowning:


did you try the right click - save link as? I just tried again (personal laptop/off network) and it seems to be fine?


I just tried right click and Save As and it returns no file error. :hushed:


Posting it with an expiry date of 1 month (which I should hope our actual schedules will be made available)


It’s working.


An updated bundle available (20160428)

@Mark @Webmaster


An updated bundle available (20160506)

@Mark @Webmaster


Hey Any update for the match of static GTFS(trip id etc) to the realtime data?


Yes we are in testing ourselves so should be able to release it to you guys this week.

I’ll also get another more up to date set of scheduled data and post it up.


Thanks, can’t wait to give it a try :slight_smile:


This should be the last time I need to upload a zip file for you all as the feed version is coming soon to an API Gateway near you!

Zip file of the individual bus agency schedules can be downloaded from


Hey guys… great news!

The schedule data for buses is now available via the API Gateway!
Just a couple of tips:

  1. the bundle for buses is a work in progress and isn’t yet available via the API Gateway. We’ve built it in to be ready for it when it’s finalised but I wouldn’t use it in a production system. I believe it returns a zero byte file at the moment.
  2. You may need to use the reference tables to match up the agencies
  3. the files are fairly big and so sometimes the API Explorer doesn’t like it so much so you will want to call it via the API


For those after a full list of endpoints for each agency:


Thanks for the update.
Just want to clarify a bit more, so those new APIs expose the static bus schedules breakdown by the bus operator’s contract number, and uses the trip id which can be matched with real time data feed?
if it is the case, can these data be download as a zip file(as the temp download file provided before) since they are not changing?


Your clarification is correct.

The zip file is in development. I know it sounds easy but it isn’t… when available it will be at the obvious “buses” end point. I believe you get a file now… it just doesn’t have anything useful in it!

The files do change on a regular basis to allow for events and changes in timetables. There are suggested schedule changes on the Tips and Tricks page