Multilingual Innovation Challenge

Can you improve the public transport experience for customers not fluent in English?

Introducing… the Multilingual Innovation Challenge!

About the Challenge
A large portion of the NSW population are not confident with the public transport network due to their English fluency. We want to improve their confidence by providing quality customer information in different languages in public transport digital products.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is challenging innovators to help non-English speaking residents and visitors to confidently plan and use the NSW public transport network with digital resources made available in their language.

Seed funding is available for successful applicants, if required.

Register for the Virtual Information Session on Wednesday 17th March to learn more about the challenge, what’s on offer, and ask questions.

Visit the Multilingual Innovation Challenge page for more information.

This is the official challenge thread, so if you have questions, they can be asked below.

Will successful applicants be allowed to access the currently private API for real-time carriage occupancy on Sydney Trains? Someone asked about the availability of this data on this forum some time back, and TfNSW responded that only endorsed apps (e.g. innovation challenge winners) could access it.

@whiz Yes, Endorsed App developers will get access to the private API, although there is work currently to make realtime occupancy of Waratah trains accessible to everyone.

Thanks to those who attended the information session. A full recording of the session and all Q&As from during the session will be available on the challenge website and FAQ pages in the coming days.

Entries are now officially open! Find the entry form here:

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