Modal Types And GTFS-Realtime End Points


Can you say what the endpoint will be for GTFS-R for datasets containing new, perhaps temporary, modal types? For example, NSW TrainLink Train. Suppose a bus type appears in that dataset, will the GTFS-R enpoint be the same as for the trains or /buses.


Hi There,

NSW TrainLink contains both train and coach routes in it’s GTFS-R feed. To see all the routes in the bundle you can check out Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime and get /nswtrains

Routes are listed in the routes.txt file and include the “route_type” field, which describes the type of service for a particular route. Here’s a link to the extended GTFS route types:

If a new bus is run by NSW TrainLink, it’s included in their bundle and the endpoint remains /nswtrains.

Hope this helps.