Lost route long names for regional coaches

Hi, in the most recent versions of the nswtrains feed that is available at the url below, all route long names have been replaced by very generic duplicate values like “North Coast NSW” or “Western NSW”.

They used to be more precise in previous feeds, like “Casino to Robina (Daily)” or “Inverell to Tamworth (Daily except Tue)”

Do you plan on reverting back to the old more precise route_long_names ?

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Gaël Haméon
Data Integrator, Transit

Url of the dataset: https://api.transport.nsw.gov.au/v1/gtfs/schedule/nswtrains

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Hi @transitapp, can you please confirm whether this is still happening so we can investigate further?

Hi @transitapp, sorry just confirmed with the data team and yes the route long names have changed and will not be reverting back to the old values.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the quick reply.