NSW Trains GTFS RT bundle broken!


Hi there,

We (at urbanthings in the UK) have noticed that one of the field names changed in the NSW trains routes.txt randomly over the weekend - from route_text_color to route_text_colorn.

The new field name is not valid according to the GTFS spec, and so has broken our import processes for this operator; is it possible to get this fixed ASAP?

@alejandro.felman or @yvonne.lee, is this related to the cause of this issue?

Looking forward to hearing from you,



Thanks @david.else we’ll find out what is happening and report back.


Hi @david.else, this issue has now been fixed. It was caused by a problem with an earlier deployment.



Thanks very much @alejandro.felman and @yvonne.lee. I will now reinstate our NSW trains feed.

Thanks again for you help!