Inconsistent datasets - Stops

Whilst investigating a separate issue around Calendar Dates I’ve found that you have inconsistent content in the Stops datasets between NSW and SydneyTrains.

e.g., Stop_ID = 229354

For NSW the stop_name = “Newcastle Interchange Platform 3” but for Sydney Trains “Newcastle Interchange Station Platform 3”

The following Stop_id’s have completely different name, Lat & Long values between NSW & SydneyTrains (data imported 28/02/2019 Around 14:00 GMT)


There are 232 Stops where either one or more of name, Lat & Long are different. Some of the Lat / Long are just a very tiny amount out but they are still different which means we don’t know when we import which is the right data to use.

2577146 NSW stop_name is “Illawarra Hwy Before Main St” but SydneyTrains calls it “Robertson Bus”
(raw record)

NSW : “2577146”,“Illawarra Hwy Before Main St”,“-34.58930722”,“150.5978025”,“0”,“”,“1”,“”,“Australia/Sydney”

ST : “2577146”,“2577146”,“Robertson Bus”,“”,“-34.589305”,“150.597767”,“”,“”,“1”,“”,“”,“0”

Thanks, Andy