Looking for Group /Join a Team



I am looking to join a team for CongestionHack .

I am Data Scientist and strong Analytical and Data insights skills. Let me know if anyone looking for Data analysis team member.


@Murali I would love to join the team, I am a data analyst looking for a team to join the event. I can do some ANN as well.


Hello, @Murali I am interested to join the team, I have data insight and strong problem-solving skills and looking to join the team for the Congestion Hackathon.


Hey @Murali , @Immanuel , @Mithun i’m interested in joining the team too. I have strong problem-solving skills, creativity and am also a part of UTS Hatchery. My team and I have won the 1st prize at few hackathons like the ABC Scratch Challenge.


I’m also looking to join a team… anybody got a spot? I teach statistics and machine learning at UNSW, https://strakaps.github.io/about/


Hey all – hopefully you are managing to connect and find a team.

Teams and team members need to be registered by this Sunday… It’s getting exciting – We had to expand the space requirements due to the high demand.


I’m forming a student team which you’re more than welcome to join!


If you don’t mind an academic… that would be great, thanks!


sweet! I’ll email you


Hey Guys @yvonne.lee says the registratiob ends this sunday. Can someone pls register me in a team as well ID: aggarwalmithun@gmail.com. I would be really glad for this help.


I think you need to find a team to join @mithun :wink:


Can someone share there email ID’s, I really want to join this hackathon. They wont issue the tickets for indivisual. @mingoh @straka.ps @Delzeen @Immanuel pls share you email people as soon as possible. we just have 2 days left.


I am a data analyst, looking to joing a team, if your team still has a spot left could you add me to your team as well? email: xutianao2015@hotmail.com


@GeorgeXu i am adding your name plus a friends name.


Thanks man,
Can you still add me at this moment?
Also do you need any other info?
Geoege Xu


Hi Mithun,

Thanks for that. Can you still add me to the team?

Do you need any extra info?

Also what’s our agenda like?

Suppose we need to have a few meetings before the event.

Geoege Xu


Anyone still looking for a team? We could use a software developer… Let me know!