CongestionHack - a TfNSW Open Data Hackathon

We are proud to launch CongestionHack! An open data hackathon by Transport for NSW.

CongestionHack will bring together industry, innovators, entrepreneurs, students and TfNSW staff to pitch ideas and build proof of concepts for dramatically improving congestion in and around Sydney. As Sydney’s population grows it continues to put greater demands on our transport networks and infrastructure, leading to congestion. If not managed correctly, congestion can have severe economic, social and environmental impacts.

This is your opportunity to use data to produce insights into demand and congestion, its causes and correlations, to produce a solution or advise on how to manage it more effectively.

CongestionHack is a Hackathon that will be held from Friday 23rd March to Sunday 25th March 2018 at The Hatchery at UTS. At CongestionHack individuals from the public and Transport for NSW (TfNSW) will have the opportunity to form teams and work on an idea to improve and manage congestion. You will have the weekend to develop a proof of concept (POC) that addresses the congestion challenges facing Sydney and present your idea as a pitch at the conclusion of the hackathon.

For more information head to Open Data Hackathon 2018 - CongestionHack | TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal

Feel free to post any further questions in this thread.



Do our ideas have to fit in the listed challenges, or can they address a different congestion-related challenge?

“The total prize pool is up to $15,000” - Isn’t it $14,000?

If I don’t want to compete, can I still come and help out?

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The prize pool is still up to $15k :wink:

We’ll also update the FAQs as yes you can enter with another congestion related challenge…

I’ll get in touch with you re help :slight_smile:

I’m a Hackathon Novice. Will we be provided data or will we have opportunity to use existing data we know of - and potential new data (which may not exist currently) to propose a solution?

Hi @Jennifer, for the hackathon we encourage you to use any datasets that are on our Open Data Hub or any other data that you can find from a legitimate source.

We will also be releasing specific datasets for CongestionHack at the start of the hackathon.


Hi team,
Is there a last day to register for the hackathon?

Hi @abi005, registrations close on Sunday so hurry if you want to register!

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Thanks for the prompt reply alej!

Where is the Hatchery? Neither the linked page or the Hatchery site really say…

We’re sending all the participants - including mentors and judges - the details via old school email.

Google does tell you where it is… Entry will be via Mary Ann Street.

I see eventbrite tells you too (if you got a ticket). Just would be nice if it was on the site with all the other information about the venue.