Want to be Showcased?


Let @alejandro.felman or myself know if you want your site or app to be showcases on the Open Data Hub.

We’re going through a fairly major rehaul of the site and features in the coming months including updating the Showcase. We’ll be reviewing them as the requests come through.


Hi @yvonne.lee and @alejandro.felman,

It would be fantastic if our TripChecker app could be featured on the Open Data Hub, please let me know what you need from UrbanThings.




Hi @lararufflecoles, thanks for getting in touch with us. I think you’re already aware but just in case if anyone else wants to know, to be added to the showcase we need:

  • A high res logo
  • Few screenshots of app or website
  • A blurb/overview of the app
  • A list of the high level features or services it offers



Hi Alex @alejandro.felman,

Thanks very much for that information, I will email it through if that is okay with you?


YL EDITED to remove the email address


Hi @lararufflecoles, yes please email it through. Thanks


Will do! :slight_smile: