Want to be featured in a blog post?

If you’ve done something cool using our open data, whether it’s an app or visualisation or research, and would like to be featured in an upcoming community showcase blog post, please share it with us!

You can reply in this thread, post in the Brag forum category, email us or tweet it to us.


Thanks Sabrina, that will be really great, I would like to feature my new app PARKnRIDE that uses the new Car Park APIs :slight_smile:


Thank you Sabrina! That would be great! I hope you can include our app in the blogpost. I will send the details via email. :grinning:


Hi Sabrina, I am just starting out in Youtube and published some work as follows: https://youtu.be/LT_Y6o5XSbg on the OpenData framework. It would help if I was featured? Cheers Shane

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Hey @sydneyoceans ,

I’ll have a second edition of the community showcase series coming up in the next month or two, so I may include it then!


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