What have you created?

As we near the end of week one of the Open Data hub I’ve been impressed with what some of you created so quickly!

I’ve created a new category (Brag) if you want to share what you have been working on. No ads please - just a place to share and brag a little bit about your work.


We are in the process of implementing our Frenzy App: https://www.frenzy.global

Currently we are subscribed to the APIs, with a quota of 60,000 call per day.
We are using the Trip Planner, and GTFS Realtime for Trip Update / Alerts and Vehicle Positions.
If we are going to go live with this quota, it might not be enough

I am hoping if there is a way we can increase the quota

Noel Branzuela

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Hi Noel, welcome to our forum! Thanks for sharing your app with our open data community.

I’ll talk to you privately about your quota limit and see what we can do.

Thank you,

Thanks Alex.

Here’s a Youtube video of what we have so far: 30 August build - YouTube