Keyless, Unlimited, GTFS-realtime APIs

Hello fellow forums users! Specifically GTFS-realtime consumers!

Do you like API keys and mucking around with request headers? How about rate limits and CORS restrictions? No??? Me, neither!

I setup a service for the GTFS-realtime feeds to allow unlimited, keyless, unrestricted access. Please help me test it by using it.

Here’s an example URL:

Send me feedback such as improvement requests, issues, questions

Subscribe to this forum topic for updates

Please note that you still have to adhere to the license

You can guess the other available URLs by exploring the GTFS-realtime APIs and inserting in the right spot:

Thanks and enjoy!


Hi Jayen,
Interested to know how you managed to make the feed unlimited? (Is it not capped by your account feed?)

Hi @Bernie_HERE,

I’d like to keep this forum topic for me to notify people who are using the feed. That way they only get notified of updates and changes and not feedback questions like this. Please send me feedback privately instead of in the forum topic.


Hi Bernie - if you are being limited by your account on TfNSW Open Data - feel free to get in touch with us via - we’re back at work from next week.

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