Freight data

Hi there, I work in the Freight Industry team at Transport for NSW and am keen to tap the Open Data Hub communities expertise and experience on freight data. On Wednesday, 27 March there was an Open Data Hub information session on Last Mile Freight in the CBD and I presented on the freight data opportunities.

In freight we are keen to understand:
• how industry is using our data sets and how we can improve them
• what future data sets would benefit the freight industry
• how we can partner with you to get better freight outcomes
• how freight data can spark innovation

There are a number of data sets which might be of interest including the CBD Loading Zone Transactions, RMS Traffic Volume Viewer as well as the strategic freight forecasts produced by our freight analytics team and the freight performance dashboard which contains road, rail and other freight measures. Finally the raw data for the forecasts and the dashboard are published on the Open Data Hub where the excel documents of raw data can be downloaded.