Freight Traffic

Will open data have freight traffic as well…Cheers Bazza

Seems to have a ? for the very odd freight train without much detail… Why are only the odd few shown…
Regards Bazza

Hi @Bazza what sort of freight data are you after? freight trains?

Hi Yvonne thanks for getting back to me I am mainly interested in Pacific National Intermodal Sydney to Perth & vice versa also Brisbane to Melbourne & vice versa…Also how far do the boundries of the site go to ex Moss Vale to the South & so on…Regards Bazza

Thanks for the clarification.

We’ll see what we can do and what we have visibility over.


@Bazza I’ve been following up on your freight data request. We do not provide freight data through the GTFS feed, so the “odd freight trains” you have seen implies a error/bug somewhere in the system. If you have any specific examples of this occurring, we can track down the issue. With respect to your data request - could you please expand further - is it freight routes (spatial dataset) ? Regards Stephanie

Hi Stephanie I am trying to get Pacific National Rail Intermodal trains…I noticed just now a 4MB4 on your site for the first time properly designated …
Regards Brian

Hey Bazza,

Are you talking about AnyTrip?

Yes I am Stephanie …Bazza

If you have feedback about that map specifically, you can post here: The map is not by TfNSW but is based on the Open Data released by TfNSW.

In regards to freight services, the Sydney Trains GTFS realtime feed does surface vehicle positions of “Non Timetabled” services including freight services while they are travelling on RailCorp tracks. That’s what you’re seeing on the map.

Some information can be derived from the run numbers (i.e. start and end regions, operator and what they carry), but Sydney Trains does not provide any other information other than position and the corresponding run numbers.

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Thanks for the info…Bazza

Thanks for the detail of freight traffic, it is on road more then trains track. but it is the best option to transport freight to any where. In trains we have to pay its less cost then truks if our freight quantity is not too much. and get detail of irctc signup to travel in trains.

There is an issue

All of the above is pretty true, but there is more:

The realtime data for NSW Trains comes from TfNSW’s 4-TRAK account. 4-TRAK is a 4-TEL product []. I believe that TfNSW’s account is restricted to Regional Passenger Services. ARTC also has a 4-TRAK account and Sydney-Perth freight (for instance) can be extracted from that. ARTC had a dark site at which this could be accessed but it was decommissioned on 2-Feb-2016 due to “Unauthorised Use” of an account. ARTC may have made a Media Release to Railway Digest on this issue, but it has not surfaced. The decommissioning for this reason repeats what happened about 4 years ago with the legacy system “CountryNet”.

I meant 2-feb-2017

Thanks for the reply maybe sometime in the future it will be available on here…Do all trains in the Sydney train network show ex trains to Goulburn,Dungog,Bomaderry etc