Filter params departure_mon


GET /departure_mon

can you “filter” by adding params in the url request

For example:

how do you limit the returned results to just “BUS” ?


I’m hoping one of our lovely app developers will jump in here but basically I would use the Stop ID to indicate the type of stop and therefore the mode… as a hint our stop IDs tend to be in the format of PostcodeNumber e.g. 2000434 is a stop near our office.


departure_mon can work on a mode-exclusion basis. By default, it returns all means/modes of transport. You can then specify modes to exclude using the exclMOT_<MOTId>=1 parameter.

The MOTIds are:

  • 1 = Trains
  • 4 = tram
  • 5 = bus
  • 7 = coach
  • 9 = ferry
  • (and I think 11 = school bus but I’d double check)

For example, if you wanted to exclude everything except bus, you’d do:


Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Filters in Trip Planner API

There’s also some documentation produced by Transport for London ( which may be useful. Both TfNSW and TfL use EFA for their trip planning APIs and so some of the request parameters would be similar.

On there, they list inclMOT_<MOTId>=1 as an option as long as you have the parameter includedMeans=1 as well. I haven’t tested this on TfNSW’s API though.