Feedback and Suggestions on GTFS-Realtime


I activated your real-time services at and everything looks okay except for unfriendly calendar lists and response latency for trip updates.


Please remember the calendar.txt entries is also the browsable list of timetables, which should correspond to your print and other publications.

When calendar entries overlap there is confusion about what you are looking at.

For example,

Instead of:
Weekay (Mar 30, 2017 - Jul 6, 2017)
Weekay (Mar 30, 2017 - Jul 7, 2017)

A user friendly alternative would be:

Weekay (Mar 30, 2017 - Jul 6, 2017)
Friday (Jul 7, 2017 - Jul 7, 2017)

A simple way of creating friendly calendar entries is to keep dates non-overlapping and continuous (and, of course, including all trips for each entry).


On average a real-time request takes over 30 seconds to complete.

By that time, you and most others would have concluded it doesn’t work and moved on.

Sorry, I don’t know enough about your system to say how to improve this but from what I see if contract agency_ids where modified for each file to completely describe each agency (which in turn would produce valid datasets) then trip updates could be broken apart correspondingly and lead to reduced latency.


There is extraneous or incorrect data appearing in the trains GTFS. For example, trip direction “Empty Train” and route names “Out of Service”, and “Revenue”.

Payoff is the highest at the end when details like this can easily be fixed to create significant improvement in user experience. I hope you take the time to do that.

Feel free to visit to see and polish your data and service.

Feedback about our service is always welcome!



Hi @Webmaster, appreciate the feedback about the data we provide, however please keep in mind that most of the data we release is provided on a ‘as is’ basis and comes mostly from operational systems.

We’ll have a look at the various suggestions you’ve made and see if we need to make any adjustments.