Inconsistent datasets - Calendar Dates


I’ve been investigating an issue that was raised a while ago by our team around missing calendar_dates which causes them problems when importing time-tables. As part of that process I’ve been looking at the data for “trains” and I’ve found that we have inconsistent data sets returned between Light Rail (where we have Calendar_Dates), NSW Trains where the file is returned but only has headers and SydneyTrains where there is no file at all.

Is this to be expected ?


Hi Andy,
Yes this is as expected. We have tried to align all of our GTFS feeds as much as possible, but there a few difference in how they are generated. In the case of Sydney Trains and NSW Trainlink, all services are defined in calendar.txt, so calendar_dates.txt is not required. In the case of NSW Trainlink the actual calendar_dates.txt file is generated as it may be utilised in the future, but is generally empty as you’ve noted.
Hope that helps.


Thanks David - so for the trains it seems we can ignore the calendar_dates for now. But for Light-Rail, Buses and Ferries it is populated so should be applied to the standard calendar provision ?