With the Trip Planner departure_mon API I can use the Turramurra station EFA ID (10101123) to get departures from both platforms and the adjacent bus stands. Or I can use specific TSNs to get departures from a specific platform or bus stand. In all these cases the location section in the response contains the Turramurra station EFA ID.

In the relevant stops.txt file, the two platform entries (2074181 and 2074182) contain a parent_station entry (207410) and I can use this as the key to search the LocationFacilityData.csv file to determine the EFA ID for Turramurra station. But the stops.txt entries for the bus stands (e.g. 207467) contain no such info (the parent_station field is blank).

I would like a method (preferably a downloadable file) to determine the EFA ID for a TSN. I’m hoping there is a proper way because the TfNSW system does it for the departure_mon responses. I could submit a dummy departure_mon enquiry to get the info but this will be slow and an unnecessary load on the server.

Is there any file that contains the TSN / EFA ID relationship ? Or any other method ?


Replying to my own post here:
The response from a departure_mon enquiry for a TSN contains the EFA_ID in the location section. So it is possible (requires 46000 enquiries) to determine the EFA_ID for each TSN.


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