List of Station's stop_ids

I’m having trouble locating station’s stop_ids. I’m using the depature_mon API and I’d like to be submitting stop ids but to get them I have to use the stop_finder API. The stop_ids within stops.txt don’t seem to work with the departure_mon API

Any help would be appreciated

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Hi Lockie,
The API does support the use of the stops listed in the GTFS stops file, I use it that way myself.

Are you able to give me some more detail? Maybe just post the whole query string or variables you are using and I’ll take a look.

Thanks for your response. Upon some more testing, I’ve found that you can only use the platform stop_ids.

For example, Sydenham Station’s stop_id is 204420 and with the request of I get the response: { "version": "", "systemMessages": [], "location": [] }
Using Platform 1’s stop_id, which is 204471 with the request of yield’s the depatures from that platform, so it actually works.