Double Backing Route?

Hey there, so we’ve had an interesting scenario occur where our polyline starts from one side and doubles back to almost the same location.

Here is our polyline:


Currently, we are getting a toll price of 15.99 but since it exit/re-enters a toll booth, shouldn’t the pricing of that be doubled or something higher? We checked the polyline on the toll_calc api response and it seems like the geometry variable that the api has used doesn’t actually leave the toll road.

Hi @mathewp

The Toll Calculator API is currently unable to handle toll calculations where a vehicle exits a distance-based toll road and re-enters the same toll road without passing through another toll road first. In the current implementation of distance-based toll calculations, the toll is calculated using consecutive toll gantry visits of the same motorway. The first and last gantry visits are used to determine the distance and to calculate the toll. This issue only affects distance-based tolls and does not affect fixed or time-based toll roads.

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