3 Different Gantry vists, charged for 2?

Hi there, I was wondering for the following polyline why there are 3 gantry visits recorded?

I ask because we have a toll statement for the month of August 18th that charged for 2, not 3.


Hi @mathewp , Thanks for reporting this. We are investigating it.

Hi @mathewp
When the /match endpoint try to match the supplied polyline, it seems to suggest that the vehicle is exiting M2 to Christie Road before joining back to M2 as it is the nearest and valid route. This explains why there are 3 gantry visits instead of 2.

Supplied Polyline

Polyline returned by /match endpoint. It is exiting M2 before joining back to M2.

I have attempted to add one more point along this section so that it does not look like the vehicle is exiting M2 and used the /match endpoint. It returned 2 gantry visits this time.



Polyline returned by /match endpoint

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