Busy (with waypoints) Intersection

Below are the two polylines that we generated from our system based on the actual route that the vehicle has taken. However, the first polylines fails, as we believe, because of a turn at M7 exit. For some reason, the API is unable to find a trace for the route.

We removed some way points to reduce the polyline to just before the exit and the API then passes.

Could you advise why it cannot find the trace for the first polyline and what do/can we do to make it work?

Uncessfull polyline - could not find trace

Successful polyline

HI @jxeeno can you please provide some assistance? Vipul has also sent a screenshot to illustrate the issue:


Any assistance on this issue would be highly appreciated…!

This is really causing troubles on our end – as lot of our trucks go through this route but we cannot retrieve their toll cost and as a result unable to charge to our clients…!

Kindly request your assistance on this please!!

BTW Vipul,

have you seen this troubleshoot chat by @jxeeno posted a while back:

Thanks Marcie,

Yes, we did try adjusting accuracy from 30 all the way up to 80.

But it still doesn’t seem to succeed.

I believe the issue could be (for this particular polyline) that the adjacent road is very close to M7 and the API might think the vehicle is in fact going on M7, and since there is no exit from M7 to the side road, it fails to find the trace…!

Don’t know, I could be completely wrong, but just putting it out there if it might help in any way.