Requested waypoint parameter could not be matched. but it does go on the highway?

Hey there,

I have the following polyline:


With it, I pass it into the open tolls api and get this error:

Requested waypoint parameter could not be matched.

Now I looked at the polyline and it does go on the Western Motorway which does have tolls. Why am I getting this error back?

Hi @mathewp

I’m not sure if your polyline got stripped of some characters when you posted it. The supplied polyline does not seem valid. Can you post your polyline in preformatted text?


Hey there,

Sorry I don’t know what happened. Here it is & I even check it with Interactive Polyline Tool on Google:


Thanks. We will look into it.

It looks like the last point is the issue. While waiting for the fix, are you able to remove the last point and try again?

Okay, yes, that has now worked with removing the last point. But with the logic we have setup to get the waypoints to generate the polyline, we may need to wait for the fix.

Hi @mathewp , this issue is fixed.

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