Requested waypoint parameter could not be matched

I am performing the following steps to get the toll amount.

  1. Pass origin and destination in Google Directions API request and retrieve a polyline from the response.
  2. Pass the polyline to Match API request and get the toll details from the response.

However, I receive the following error for some polylines when performing #2 above. Really hoping I could get some help…!
** “error”: “Requested waypoint parameter could not be matched.”**

Hi Vipul,

Are you able to share the polylines where the error is occurring?

Thanks Jaxeeno for looking at this.
Here’s the polyline from google.

"overview_polyline": {
        "points": "faglEmdow[m@DeCQIRYxDoBQIz@e@fGg@pGcAxMoAlPMfD@B@JMNI?GGo@WkC[cFtG@@@FEJI@aAlAoAbBf@j@jB~BdA|B|CjK`ApCj@`Ax@bA~DtEpOrQjJlKbQnSxBxBXLB?HBBJ?DXd@hAlAnMbJrGrExCjBv@Z^MjB}@rAwA^i@XSl@_@\\m@NIp@o@VWd@o@lBwBnBqBhCiBtLgI~EuC|HiDzDyAbGkB`M{DtKgD~I_DdPyFlAk@tAcAfFsEbGiFtC}BzCeCjCeClD{CvGeFbHgGdImHrRwPvGkGhDkDbJ}JtSiVvNyP|FyGdF_FtBkBzCkClDiCzAcA~CaCtGiFbCyBnPwNbFsEpEwDpL{J`DkChFuE~AoA|H}F~MgJbE{BrD_BlM}FhDeBnEkCzCaBzCwAdEwAhLsCdCc@pD]r[k@~Ua@zAEzBYxCy@~C_B`DeBfKyEnBsAfBsBp@}@Dc@@MAQQa@eBqAmAgAqA{AoAoBy@cBaAyC_AaF_@cEIiC@mDHmBNsAT}AlA}JtJcy@vEaa@|@iK^_GxAqd@`@mMbAs\\rBsp@l@uOpCca@vCm`@bBeQtA}KvAwJnD{SdHea@lBuKxB{K~CyMnCiKpDsLzDaLpBwFnG_OtHsO~FkKpGiK~GcK|FoIfDmE`FwFfGgGfGmFpKuHhKyGvMmIxGiE|KcHvEuDrEsF|@wAbA{BzAsEt@aDf@sCh@_GJiGEeE[yKk@}Jq@_JiB{OmAgJkBuL_DgSoBcL{AsHeC}MiAgI}@kJcA}RiB_Yc@sFs@oFw@gEy@_Dy@}CyA_EkEkL_B{Fw@mE_@kC[wG@eEHmB\\yDjAoG~BmH`AoDr@iERkDBkCQ}Di@aEs@oCcAoCyAoC{DoG_DgFmAqC_AsCw@eD{C{Qq@}E_A}J_Ba\\w@}Lw@mI{CeYm@sF]cFE}FDeBb@}Fz@cFhAmEzBsFvF{ItEkHjB}Dv@mCz@uFn@eNr@kMl@kFt@wEfCaO|AyJZeF@mGAgd@BgEP{C^wCbByHz@eFLcBHeC?}EY_E}A_Nm@}GSsJBeBJqDl@aH|AmIz@uCx@}BvC_GlEcH~AoBvCsC|CyBbGwDt@k@|BgCtA{BbBcEdBkHdA_DhCwEjDqFzMqSzJoOrFqIbBaCpCqClCcB`Bq@|Ag@dB[jBOzFG~HKpD[VGPOfEoAzGqBxC_@dE[r@GjAEXCjBO?lCTlCTf@Zp@U`@_DnE{DlFsFxHg@w@e@i@c@g@u@{@s@`A"

Looks like there’s a mismatch between the road network in Google Maps and OSM which is causing some issues with snapping/matching to the road network.

You can use the accuracy field (a value of 15 seemed to work) to reduce the snapping constraint.

See more from previous discussion: Requested resource was not found Error Message - #6 by jxeeno

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Woohoo… accuracy worked perfectly jxeeno.
Great help mate… thank you so much :slight_smile:

I’ll try few other polylines and see how it goes…!
Is “accuracy” defined in percentages? What other values could I use!! And is lesser the better or the other way??
Thanks heaps.

Notes: Strange that the Match API documentation does not mention anything about “accuracy”!!!

Thanks for letting us know. We have updated the documentation.

Thank you Terence and Jxeeno. :+1:

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